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Note:  If you have an Emergency, or need to report a Crime in Progress, please call 911.

This application is provided to enable citizens to easily report non-emergency incidents if the suspect is NOT KNOWN.  If a suspect is KNOWN please contact 910-433-1529 or 910-433-1530 to report the incident.  Incidents reported on-line where there are UNKNOWN suspects will be deemed inactive and there will be no follow-up conducted by the Fayetteville Police Department.

The following reports will be accepted via on-line reporting:

Damage to Property

 Stolen Property (Does not include Stolen Vehicle)

Harassing Phone Calls



Lost Property



The reporting of a false crime is illegal in the state of North Carolina under statute 14-225: False reports to law enforcement agencies or officers. Please be on notice that it is a misdemeanor to make any false, misleading, or unfounded report, through this website, that is intended to interfere with, hinder, or obstruct a law enforcement officer from doing his or her duties. Violators will be prosecuted.



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